Closeup Fresh Attraction

( What does it take to be #CloserThanEver?

After introducing the new look of Closeup this year, the brand offers an exciting new range of products to continuously break barriers, and bring people closer than ever.  Powered with a rush of shocking menthol, the NEW Closeup Fresh Attraction toothpaste boosts your confidence by allowing you to experience freshness like you’ve never felt before.

Closeup Fresh Attraction New Flavors (Oxyrush and Arctic Shock)

In an exclusive launch last September 28, Closeup asked Chef Jose Luis Gonzalez to prepare a special menu that will test the power of the NEW Closeup Fresh Attraction. Prior to asking guests to try out the toothpaste for themselves, invitees were encouraged to partake in an array of Spanish-inspired, flavorful dishes featuring a lot of bold spices.  This, of course, was the ultimate test to gauge the strength of the Fresh Attraction range.

Both Closeup Fresh Attraction flavors, Oxyrush and Arctic Shock, were made available for everyone to try. As most guests preferred a very strong menthol flavor, Oxyrush, which is formulated with a glacier fresh mouthwash and crystal frost, stood out as the crowd favorite. Those who opted for a slightly less intense alternative were revitalized by the sweet and fruity notes offered by the icy cold Arctic Shock.

Much to the group’s delight, everyone loved being able to combat the flavors that Chef Luis challenged them with, as the NEW Closeup Fresh Attraction range was definitely able to deliver freshness like never before. It has even been tried and tested by the brand’s latest ambassador, Sarah Lahbati, who cheered on the crowd to put Closeup to the test.

Closeup Ambassador Sarah Lahbati

“I find myself turning to the NEW Closeup Fresh Attraction even more these days. For hectic shoot schedules and of course, bonding time with my family, I have to make sure that I’m armed with fresh breath all day,” says Sarah. “The Oxyrush flavor, which is my favorite, helps me achieve this,” she adds. Sarah’s passionate persona and thirst for adventure and thrill is the perfect lifestyle complemented by the Fresh Attraction range.

Kryz Uy and Slater Young

Kryz Uy, who is one of the country’s top beauty and lifestyle bloggers, hosted the event. She, together with her partner, Slater Young, also shared with the audience how the NEW Closeup Fresh Attraction range helped them up the ante in their relationship. Given the toothpaste’s one-of-a-kind formulation, Kryz and Slater is now armed with long lasting freshness that allows them to get closer than ever. “I love how this keeps me confident, especially when Slater and I travel. Having fresh breath is always a top priority for me,” explains Kryz.

With the power of NEW Closeup Fresh Attraction, you are armed with freshness like you’ve never felt before. Like Sarah, Kryz, and Slater, trust Closeup to boost your confidence so you can get #CloserThanEver during the most breathtaking moments.